With her H.E.R., Vol. 2 EP coming in June, the mysterious R&B songbird shares the project’s first single, “Say It Again.”

After having shared two covers and a single, H.E.R. Music is finally giving her fans the long-awaited sequel to her debut EP, H.E.R., Vol.1. The mysterious RCA Records singer announced via Twitter on Thursday night that Vol. 2 would be coming this summer; she also dropped off the new project’s lead single, “Say It Again.”

Low-tempo R&B is H.E.R.’s strength. Well, that, and singing the kinds of vulnerable, emotion-driven songs that touches listeners and sticks with them long after the song is over. “Say It Again,” in a sense, is the songbird’s two-minute warning, albeit it’s three minutes long. Just like she did on “Wait For It” from Vol. 1, H.E.R. goes full seductress over smooth synths. “We already here, so turn off the lights,” H.E.R. orders her lover, promising to fulfill his “asking for some action.” It ends as things are getting really good, it seems, but fans will run “Say It Again” back so many times, it won’t even matter anyway.

Stream H.E.R.’s “Say It Again” track for yourself down below, by way of Spotify. H.E.R.’s H.E.R., Vol. 2 EP touches down June 2nd, though you can pre-order the project now on iTunes and get “Say It Again” as an instant download.