g perico all blue cover

Vibrant & hazy, G Perico is the latest LA rapper you need be acclimated with.

G Perico’s brand of G-Funk is no different than plenty of other revivalists that have come through over the past few years. YG made two albums worth of bangers out of it. DJ Quik is a long-standing forefather of the entire genre still going strong. Which brings us back to G Perico. Last year, the South Central Los Angeles rapper released the stingy and bullish Shit Don’t Stop. The formula that worked well on that tape gets ballooned on All Blue, his proper debut album.

Watching the “All Blue” video earlier this week and you could easily get why he’s a hood hero. His allegiances are more than detailed and to the point. His world is as rugged and ridiculous as one may expect. LA banging hasn’t dissolved into anything you can ignore. Instead, G manages to swim in muddy waters with plenty of charisma and bluntness in his words.

His whole aesthetic and greatness as a storyteller is what makes him standout. Switching from a Jheri curl ala Quik and Eazy-E to braids and back, the album cover for All Blue features him with rollers in his hair. We joke that regional rap is close to being dead but G Perico is all South Central Los Angeles, rapping and navigating life wit his homeboys either dead and gone because that’s all he knows. And thanks to Priorty Records, Polester the Saint and Sonny Digital, the rest of the world will glean a bit from him too. Watch the “All Blue” video below and purchase the album on iTunes.

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