arradon stacks n bezels

Arradon & Curtis Mayz make a new Southern strategy with “Stacks N Bezels”

I feel a certain kind of way that I can’t call Tunk, Tunk anymore. Instead, he’s opted for ArraDon for a rap name. It doesn’t roll off the tongue the same as Tunk but he still raps with that same baritone you can only get as the son of a preacher. Or preacher adjace. Point is, “Stacks N Bezels” lives up to the motto that “every losses isn’t a loss, it’s merely a lesson”. The beat doesn’t drop off into a bed of hard drums, rather employing snazzy horns and hypnotizing drum taps. Curtis Mayz admits he’s come far from “jacking nightly” and ArraDon knows that the struggle won’t last forever. Hear the duo’s latest track below. New Revolution Swangin’ Musik from the artist formerly known as Tunk is on the way.

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