DeLorean opts for a white acreen and himself for the powerful Take Me Back opener.

DeLorean has already mastered being the stoic Houston rapper. There may not be an archetype better suited for a man who urges that his daughter grow up to be better than him. He’s flawed, contradictory and most of all human. But DeLo most importantly is starting to fully be aware that he has one of those voices that was tailor made to rap.

The moment the Pug Tunes’ created “Intro” kicks in, all games are off the table. Take Me Back was a project solely constructed around the love of rhyme. There’s no forcefulness about making things fit here, Delorean’s cadence and drive steer clear of any saccharine feelings. Instead, the near two minute clip from Anchor Life Films plays like a master boxer pacing along before a fight arrives. 

“This was me taking it back to the hunger flow a lot of my earlier fans know me from,” Delo told Still Crew, who premiered the video. “This intro is why I named the project Take Me Back. [I] wanted it simple to focus in the rap. Let’s rap again.” 

Watch the Take Me Back opener up top. While the project is available now on iTunes, DeLo’s having a release party on Sunday (April 30) at EastDown Warehouse. Let’s see if he damn near raps himself out of breath again.

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