Woke. Ratchet. Bigg Fatts makes it plain that sometimes, you CAN be both on a new single, “Conscious But Ratchet.”

Bigg Fatts, the Houston emcee who transforms his flow into a beast whether he’s on his own track or someone else’s beat, has a pretty big 2017 ahead of him. He’s not only got a collaboration with OneHunnidtSmokey And Craig, that might be coming as early as this summer; but his long-awaited The Book of Ratchet EP is slated to drop this year as well.

When last we heard of Book of Ratchet, Fatts was blending his talents of bars and comedy on the thumping “Three Bad B*tches And A Stove.” On Monday night, while most people were watching the Warriors sacrifice Portland to the basketball gods the NBA playoffs, Minnesota Fatts set free The Book‘s latest single, “Conscious But Ratchet.”

Of course, Fatts has Erykah Badu for his single artwork, as the self-proclaimed “Fat Belly Bella” may be the very definition of “conscious but ratchet.” Fatts said the track was inspired by the fact that “the conscious community can sometimes be a little TOO serious.” Producer Alien University is on the boards for “Conscious But Ratchet,” infusing the song with a crunk-era inspired beat that blows up the bass and lets the drum machine go wild.

As for Fatts? He dedicates three-and-a-half minutes to creating a space for the folks who are “ratchet but intelligent” just as he professes to be. You’re a sophistiratchet who ain’t ashamed to throw it back? Fatts appreciates you. A scholar with a hood mentality? Fatts tips his hat to you. Some folks don’t fit on either extreme; Fatts doesn’t and he’s damn proud about it. “Please don’t try to change me,” he insists on the song.

Stream Bigg Fatts’s “Conscious But Ratchet” single for yourself down below. Fatts’ The Book of Ratchet EP is on the way, but those in Houston can catch the rapper live at Delo’s upcoming Take Me Back-inspired show at Eastdown Warehouse this coming Sunday, April 30.

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