Hogg Booma sings the pain on “Soul Bleed” from Turn Up 4 A Bag.

Hogg Booma, the Texas City country rap crooner with an impressive jersey collection is back to showing off from his Turn Up 4 A Bag mixtape. “Soul Bleed” keeps many platitudes about working hard in the face of ulterior motives simple and to a point. “They don’t know I was up on they ass, n*gga,” Hogg Booma sings while carefully admitting that he can’t go back to how it used to be.

The B-Luce directed video features no special effects, nothing major in regards to story. All it features is Hogg Booma clad in a Steph Curry jersey walking and working with his hands and thoughts. “My son getting bigger and my mama getting older / You can’t lift the weight that I got on my shoulder,” he says. From the back roads to the ill and oft-forgotten small cities, “Soul Bleed” takes a look at one man trying to make it in his own way, whether it be by clean measures or not.

Watch “Soul Bleed” up top and hear the isolated track below. Back in February, Booma released his Turn Up 4 A Bag mixtape, a swelling collection of music primarily aimed at getting money by any means necessary.