Jay-Von’s “Kung Fu Kenny vs. Drizzy” playlist hopes to settle the debate once and for all as to who’s the better rapper between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. For now, anyway.

Drake. Kendrick Lamar.

These days, it seems damn near impossible to talk about the one without someone else bringing up the other. To a degree, it makes sense – both emcees are at the top of the rap game. Both emcees have more or less released projects in alternating years in the beginning, but in the same year more recently (VIEWS and untitled unmastered touched down in 2016, while More Life and DAMN. both dropped this year). And both emcees, it seems, take subtle (or not so subtle, see: “Control”) shots at the other.

When the debate comes up, there’s the usual fare: how many classics does Drake have compared to Kendrick? Who has the better singles? Do sales play a role? Who has the better wordplay? Is Drake really “top 2 and he’s not 2?” Sometimes, if you’re lucky, the debate gets down to the actual music itself.

Jay-Von thinks the music is the best way to determine the answer.

The Mo. City emcee took it upon himself to put together “Kung Fu Kenny vs. Drizzy,” the ultimate playlist of Drake & Kendrick songs so that the listener can use not sales, not albums, but THE MUSIC ITSELF to figure out whether it’s Drake or Kendrick who’s still left standing at the end. Day & A Dream is going to take that one step further. We’ve peeped Vonzilla’s playlist. We think it’s a good barometer for measuring the talents of both artists. But we’re trusting our readers to choose who’s the better of the two.

Jay-Von’s playlist is 68 songs deep. That’s about five hours of music. You absolutely should listen to it, because Jay-Von’s combinations are pretty dope (he goes back as far as Kendrick’s O.verly Dedicated and Drake’s Thank Me Later, and even puts both artists’ collaborations with Travis $cott and The Game back-to-back to show how they hold their own in the same company). But we’ve made match-ups out of sixteen of those songs. Every day this week, Day & A Dream will pit two match-ups head-to-head and tally the votes. And the emcee who wins the most match-ups by Friday, will be crowned the better emcee. Of course, if Friday arrives and there’s a tie, well… we’ve got a tiebreaker match-up ready for that, too.

Stream Jay-Von’s “Kung-Fu Kenny vs. Drizzy” playlist for yourself here by way of Apple Music. Voting will commence Monday morning at 10 AM PST on Day & A Dream’s Twitter. It’s going to be a very interesting week.