With his swanky dialectic dripping sauce all over the self-produced, hypnotizing beat, Jamaican-born musician Jagwa blends Hip Hop, reggae and Asian culture to create the visual for Chinese Food The Remix featuring Styles P.

Directed by Parris, Chinese Food highlights the beautiful simplicities and cultural revolution continuously occurring in Hip Hop. Blazing with an East Coast flair spanning decades, The Lox’s own Styles P opens the track with reality based verse fueled by crazy metaphors and figures of speech; adding a nostalgic groove to his 2016 reggae hit. The Kingston monster shifts the energy of the record on the follow-up a verse, his voice teleporting listeners back to the shores of his homeland with a lingering rap drawl hanging on the edge of every word.

A lyrical connoisseur of Hip Hop and reggae, Jagwa opens the floodgates for Jamaican rap artists to enter the mecca of American Hip Hop and creates a lane of his own with a unique sound and emotion that transcends genre lines.

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