Missy Elliott is up next on Dust’s Afrofuturism series.

Friend of the program Sama’an Ashrawi has not only managed to translate his directorial skills into animation, he’s managed to rope Little Simz into the affair as well. Afrofuturism is Ashrawi’s baby and in the previous four episodes, it has centered around musicians who not only changed the feel of music but the look as well.

For the (sadly) final episode of the series, Ashrawi and narrator Little Simz discuss the power of one Missy Elliot. Here’s his description of the episode below.

Missy Elliott has always been ahead of her time. When paired with Timbaland’s futuristic beats, she made music that sounded out-of-this-world; when she teamed up with director Hype Williams (and Dave Meyers), she literally found herself on another planet.
Missy was the first popular black artist to make explicit, recurring use of science-fiction in her visual offerings. For this reason, and because of the lack of representation of Black people in science-fiction films, Missy’s work can be viewed through the lens of Afrofuturism.

In case you needed more guidance on how dope narration and animation with musicians make a perfect match, see the previous episode of Afrofuturism focused on Jimi Hendrix.