Beats 1 host Zane Lowe gets the world’s first Kendrick Lamar interview since DAMN.

Top Dawg Ent. said after the release of “The Heart Pt. 4” that there would be no interviews with Kendrick Lamar leading up to his new album. A week and some change later, somebody gets the first KDot interview – none other than Beats 1’s Zane Lowe.

The 45-minute sit down which took place before Kung-Fu Kenny’s monumental Coachella performance last Sunday is thoughtful and engaging, especially from Lamar’s side of things. Lowe does all he can to pry some information about “BLOOD.”, DAMN.‘s opening track and whether or not it is truly the outro of the album but Lamar won’t budge. Instead the two discuss parameters of being the Best Rapper Alive, the influence Jay Z had on Lamar as he was discovering his voice, whether or not “DUCKWORTH.” is a true story & more.

Lamar reveals early on that once an album is finished to him, it’s finished. There’s no going back and tweaking, despite his penchant for leaving bread crumbs and easter eggs throughout records. “As soon as I hit mastering I just turn that thing in and I try not to listen to it or even see the actual response, you know, for awhile,” he told Lowe. “Because I’ve been attached to this piece of art for the last year and some change. I’ve indulged so much, I don’t even want to hear it.”

But he does pay attention to fan response. He noticed quite often during the tour stops and performances after To Pimp A Butterfly was released that “Alright” became a rallying cry for protest all over the country. He believes he’s a vessel of God, as we all are. But Lamar’s mission is not to be remembered in the here and now. In his words, he wants his music “to be remembered for the next 20 years.”

On The Conception Of “DUCKWORTH.”

“Top himself didn’t know I was going to do it or even execute it in that fashion, to be the last song or to be anywhere. Just making it make sense. I remember playing it for him, he flipped because further than the song, when you really can hear your life in words that is so true to you and that effected your life one hundred percent through one decision, it really makes you sit back and cherish the moment. I think that’s something we all did playing that record. Like, man, look where we at. We’re recording music for the world to hear and we’re taking care of our families. We’re blessed.”

On DAMN. versus To Pimp A Butterfly

“The best way for me to put it, To Pimp a Butterfly would be the idea of the thought of changing the world and how we worked and approached things. Damn would be the idea I can’t change the world until I change myself. So when you listen to records like ‘PRIDE.,’ ‘HUMBLE.,’ ‘LUST.,’ ‘LOVE.,’ these are all just human emotions and me looking in the mirror and coming to grips with them. Thinking of the idea of the word itself and combine them into records. I would hope the listener can take heed and grab something from both of them two ideas and carry out their day to the best potential of themselves they see.”

Working with Rihanna for “LOYALTY.”

“I’ve always wanted to work with Rihanna. I love everything about her. Her artistry, how she represents women to not only be themselves but to express themselves the way she expresses herself through music, and how she carries herself. I love everything about her so I always wanted to work with her.”