eros stratus

Eros, Milky Wayv’s resident dreamer packs his bands and heads west on Stratus.

As part of the funk/electro/R&B outfit Milky Wayv, Eros has taken up the position of the dreamer. The one who doubles down on platitudes of love and affirmation; the guy who believes time and moments unlock the perfect reactions. “I get creative after midnight,” he admitted on “Blind”, one of his earliest singles. For him, time and place mean something. If the two are in sync, neither is he. Atmosphere means everything to him and at the moment, his original home has exhausted him.

On Stratus, his brand new EP out today, he professes more and more about love and the yo-yo effects of relationships. “Won’t you tell me what I’m doing wrong,” he pleads on “Lost” as Bobby Earth scores the situation with sticky keyboards and tones. In a way, “Lost” underscores the tone of why Eros is shuttling off West and leaving his birthplace in his rearview. “All this pressure weighing on my mind / People need me to provide,” he sings while attempting to explain himself to a lover. “Patience is all I need /
Give me time.”

Bobby Earth’s Milky Wayv has found a singular groove through bulbous beat pads, percussions and guitars. There’s no 4-count signature tag of The Neptunes but his production, married with Eros’ vocals give a familiarity that can’t go unseen. “I just need another you,” Eros sings on “Bridge Between Planets”. He’s not looking for a companion, he’s looking for someone to fully hold him accountable if things truly crash and burn.

The 6-track Stratus EP features Jen Miller, Brice Blanco & Solace. As Eros packs his bags, he’s giving off the idea that he may eventually give love & Houston one more try. But his feet and the squelchy notes synonymous with Troutman and West Coast funk want him elsewhere.

Stream Eros’s Stratus project by way of the artist’s Soundcloud here.