nicotine's famous honey the first time

Nicotine’s Famous Honey loves the feel of love. Especially on “The First Time”.

When you’re a singer like Nicotine is, you traffic words. You weave through emotions and facial expressions and you feel everything. Not feel everything, but f-e-e-l everything. After making a record of pulling herself out of the proverbial ashes with An Open Letter in January, she and Herrick & Hooley are in far happier spaces to navigate through. “I’m trying to show you off,” Nicotine sings on “The First Time” about the main man in her life. “When did it become a pain, not to fall in love?”

Public and ready in her acknowledgement of love, Nicotine dances high atop Herrick & Hooley’s percussion and guitar work. Narrowing down her memories to sensual touch and the heightened sense of familiarity, she’s left speechless. “How do I even explain? Do you feel the temperature rising?” There’s a difference in energy when discussing new love and the euphoria it delivers. Nicotine often writes from the perspective of a lover constantly chasing the high; curious to the touch and keen on every language of love. Her lover gives her affirmation, gifts and plenty of service. It’s only fitting that on his birthday, she switched up and gave him a gift to have as his own.

Stream “The First Time” from Nicotine’s Famous Honey below.

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