The second DAMN. video from Kendrick Lamar guest stars Don Cheadle & ScHoolboy Q for “DNA.”

Kendrick Lamar has a) shut down Coachella b) released the year’s most beloved album so far and c) gone two for two with pretty great music videos. “DNA.” follows the Jesus allegories of “HUMBLE.” with Don Cheadle interrogating Lamar in a weird state of hypnosis before Lamar breaks out and that spastic beat flip comes around.

For a moment, you think Lamar being in a black site with Cheadle would bring back memories of Menace II Society and other black noir films. Nope, thanks to a little electricity, Kendrick ends up taking over Cheadle’s body as the two have a fun, if not awesome back and forth running over the first verse of “DNA.”

By the time Kendrick unplugs from Cheadle’s body, he’s back out o n the streets. ScHoolboy Q is too busy smoking and stacking for Figg Side to even wonder what happened to Kung-Fu Kenny. Instead, everybody’s shooting dice. Lamar poses with his Grammy awards in front of a picture of Tupac & Snoop Dogg, eats at Little Daughter’s and posts up on the block, all the while a group of women are joyriding their asses off. Directed by Nabil & The Little Homies, watch the “DNA.” video up top.

DAMN. is in stores now.