fat tony drive-thru video

Fat Tony makes it clear for “Drive-Thru” that he swears by one burger joint and one only.

Fat Tony, the man we have unofficially claimed as our ambassador for Third Ward had a very, very shitty week last week. He got racially profiled by cops while traveling to Canada then stopped and singled out at the border. All of which is terrible and shows you that in middle of nowhere America, some stereotypes still reign supreme. In happier Fat Tony news, we have “Drive-Thru” to glance at. Probably the best Fat Tony related video since “Sushi” and “U Ain’t Fat”, “Drive-Thru” features a wide range of characters from across the country posted up at their favorite fast food joints. There’s Brandon Wardell dancing like a mad man in front of Burger King, Tony himself stumping for Whataburger (no mayonnaise!) and a host of others trying to shove Fat Burger, In-N-Out and more down your throat.

Texas is Whatabuger country and the lyrics from Fat Tony’s perspective prove it. His preferences soon as he pulls up? A number two and a taquito. Sorry Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s you get no play over here. Same goes for White Castle and Krystal Burgers as they’ll send you to the bathroom longer than you ever need to be. Tony could tour the country testing fast food and be a king. For now, he’s our favorite Whataburger spokesperson. Watch the “Drive-Thru” video now.