Young Devontee

The new single from his highly anticipated, upcoming mixtape While You Are Waiting for the 6, rapper Young Devontee gives listeners another reason to look toward Toronto for hits with his record Master P.

Following his extremely successful, standout performance during SXW 2017, Young Devontee’s Master P is a nostalgic blend of old and new vibes; creating a groovy, hypnotic rhythm that is both unique and enthralling. A different sound from his track Nino, the young artist proves that transcendence and versatility are possible beyond the beat.

The new millennium’s reincarnation of Jodeci’s iconic producer of the same name, DeVante Swing, Young Devontee’s sound is a game changer; creating a new wave guaranteed to influence the next generation of Canadian emcees. A sex symbol, an introspective writer and crafty producer, Devontee aims to take the game by storm as he enters the arena as a multifaceted talent on a wave of his own.

The While You are Waiting for the 6 mixtape is the prelude to the young rapper’s concept self-entitled EP Young Devontee. 

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