“Just Nature & You.”

For Houston native and local entrepreneur Obiageli Amina, that’s the mindset behind her small business in progress, oBi Skincare.

“I’ve been creating natural products for myself for as long as I can remember,” Amina, a graduate of both Jack Yates High and Prairie View A&M’s School of Architecture, said. “I’m always mixing and concocting stuff for my own use. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that I decided that nature was enough.”

A woman of Nigerian descent – “Igbo to be exact,” she adds – Obiageli says that her name defines her purpose: “Obiageli translates to ‘came to enjoy’ and Amina means ‘honest and trustworthy.’ I was named to enjoy life in an honest way and not suffer.” She applies this honesty to her blossoming business. Amina’s refreshing transparency stems from a desire to deliver quality products that are chemical-free.

“We’ve gotten accustomed to putting chemical laden products on our body so much, that sometimes our bodies become dependent upon them,” Amina explained. “That’s not a good thing – you don’t need all of these XYZ chemicals to have beautiful skin.”
After coming to this realization herself through trial and error, Amina would throw out most of her collection of face washes, lotions, creams and the like. She chose instead to focus on creating her own products, beginning by making natural oils, butters and herbs for healing. What started as something personal eventually expanded into a platform, allowing her to spread her message about nature’s healing properties.

“What if I told you nature could help relieve your psoriasis, eczema, severely dry skin, dark spots, stubborn ingrown hairs, wrinkles, severely oily skin, and more? Well, oBi has that,” Amina says. “My products let people know that all you need is nature. Mother Earth grows and creates everything you need for truly radiant skin.”
While she is still putting the finishing touches on her developing business prior to its formal launch (which Amina promises will be “amazing and different”), Amina has already started shopping around her natural-made Body Scrubs and Butters as an introduction of what’s to come. Her well-received peppermint and vanilla scrubs have already found a growing audience thanks to word of mouth and their affordable pricing. Up next, she plans to roll out oil cleansing washes and a skin serum.
To find out more information about oBi Skincare and upcoming products, contact owner Obiageli Amina via email at oBi.skincare@gmail.com.

This feature originally appeared as part of Yellow Bandit Media’s “Businesses We Love” series here.