The man responsible for some of the funniest moments in television history, Charlie Murphy, has passed away at age 57 after a bout with leukemia.

I can honestly say I did not watch Chappelle’s Show for Dave Chappelle. Every episode (that I was sneak-watching since my parents did not allow me to watch the show) was just an attempt to catch one of “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories.”

Much more than the older, protective brother of Eddie Murphy, Charles Quinton “Charlie” Murphy was an accidental comedian. Leaving the Brooklyn street life after a 10-year jail sentence and serving six years in the United States Navy, Charlie decided to try his hand in the entertainment business like his little brother who, at the time, already had a successful career as a comedian. Fast forward through a bunch of minor roles in television and film and a brief stint as his brother’s bodyguard, Murphy finally landed his first big role in the 1993 film CB4 as “Gusto.”

What many people may not know is that before becoming the Charlie Murphy who gave us phrases like “habitual linestepper” and “fuck yo’ couch,” the quick-tempered comedian was credited as a songwriter and executive producer for the hip hop group, K-9 Posse. After all his endeavors, Charlie was booed off of stage at his first standup gig, and, in true little brother fashion, Eddie Murphy recounts laughing hysterically. However, Charlie got the last laugh when he joined Chappelle’s Show and kept it going after Dave’s departure with the “lost episodes.”

Like many people, the Murphy Moment I will never forget is his nonchalant account of a basketball game with Prince, where the Purple One cooked he and his friends pancakes. Murphy was known for making the most mysterious, unreachable, unicorn-like celebrities extremely relatable, and, in some ways, that made him more of a mystery than they were. (Who else can say they punched out Rick James?!)

Today, we mourn the loss of an icon of our generation in his own rite. The party in Heaven continues. We can only imagine the stories he’ll be able to tell us when we get up there!

Rest in Heaven, “Chalie.”