Lil Rarri aka the Artist Formerly Known as WhyJae crafts a druggy lullaby on “Pepsi,” featuring Lil SKRT and ENZO’VVS.

Lil Rarri is always looking to start a new wave. Where many may be content in the traditional Houston way of the purple Sprite, the emcee once deemed WhyJae is going against the grain. Look no further than his latest single, “Pepsi.”

Mind you, Pepsi-Cola is in deep water with many for their recent fail at putting Kendall Jenner on the frontlines of a protest. Rarri’s “Pepsi” isn’t a defense of the girl or the brand – though its creative artwork places Kendall’s face in a recreation of the Pepsi logo – but a homage to high that comes about when you pour “some dirty in [your] Pepsi.”

The nearly four-and-a-half minute number floats along by way of hazy production and a tip-toeing snare courtesy of calebsdead on the boards. And if there’s truth to the phrase that a drunk mind speaks sober thoughts, then that perfectly explains the moments where Rarri sounds damn near wise (his second verse, for example, explains why he stays armed amongst enemies and chooses women wisely) . Flanked by Lil’ SKRT and ENZO VVS with solid contributing verses as features – listeners will definitely catch a clever “Showtime at The Apollo” reference at one point – “Pepsi” is the trap song that refreshes.

Stream Lil Rarri’s “Pepsi,” featuring Lil’ SKRT and Enzo’VVS, for yourself down below.