robert glasper

Robert Glasper, Common & Lianne La Havas’ Burning Sands collaboration is now a single.

The Netflix original film Burning Sands has a hit or miss feel to it. The ending leaves a little to be desired but the overall message of the film, the end to fraternity hazing rings loud and true. As the credits rolled after the film, a new song from Common appeared. Was this a one off? A single from his last album?

Turns out “The Cross” is a collaboration between Common, Houston jazz king Robert Glasper and Lianne La Havas. The film was merely a brief teaser of the track as the full version is out now. Glasper teamed with Kareem Riggins & Common to pen the track where the Chicago rapper raps, “I’m driven but God’s will is steering it / I focus on the road, heavy is my eyelids / In a world where power is parallel to violence.” The somber, piano tinged track lets Common dig into themes and topics he’s broached for the past three releases. La Havas sings on the chorus, “Going through tribulations, this hunger won’t let me go … I’ll go through the fire for you.”

Stream “The Cross” from Robert Glasper, Common & Lianne La Havas below.