Anderson .Paak puts himself in Paid In Full in the latest NxWorries video.

If you haven’t made a Paid In Full send-up for a rap video, can you call yourself a rapper? Or even a musician? Anderson .Paak & Knxwledge, the NxWorries duo who made a habit of dipping their knees into the funk last year cross Paid In Full off their list of homages. From Gucci flip flops to gold ropes and mock Dapper Dan, NxWorries make the “Scared Money” video feel like a full-blown dreamer’s montage.

After toying around in the past with bubbly, women and fun, .Paak gets pushed back into the present. Gone are the Kangol hats and instead, a blue, cloudless sky surrounds him. Posted on a basketball court, he and Knxwledge reign alone. There are no hoop dreams between the two men but one things for certain, every sound, horn and instrument from Yes Lawd! still plays on. Watch the video up above.