javon johnson dnt knw why cover

Javon Johnson, Eastside Houston man of mystery teases his latest album with a brand new track.

Stashed away in Galveston, Javon Johnson is plotting.

An hour drive on a Thursday afternoon led us to the small city close to Houston where Johnson and his partner in crime Sahmbeau decided upon. A small hotel room near the Sea Wall played host to all of Johnson’s mental tricks. He’d venture outward to visit the gravesite of Jack Johnson, the first Black Heavyweight Champion of the world. He’d take his trusty camera outside to see what the world truly had to offer. Being closed off and isolated in Dallas made his mind maneuver around now more than ever. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

The typical nomad, Johnson pulled another flurry of thoughts and ideas for “DNt.KnW.y,” a loosie not found on his upcoming Audiobiography project. Sahmbeau slices up Gil Scott-Heron’s “New York City” and Johnson lets loose. He doesn’t chase the drum, he nestles between them, letting every word hang for a moment before pushing to find another one. “Keep a double doubters around me so they can taste it,” he raps. “I still Artest n*ggas for fun.”

Throwing elbows amongst a sea of paranoia seems to bring him closer to the center. Well, whatever center is to him. Leading off with a rat-tat-tat push from the crack era to tying Bishop in Juice, Tupac not playing a character and three more interesting rap records. There’s Ready to Die, Life After Death and then falling in love with the disc on Southernplayalisticcadillacmuzik. “The naked woman … had a line stuck in my head about that bush / only wanted for myself / Had a dream about being a king in my own lair / Just waiting for them to play us.”

“I had to come out here,” he told me. “And get the f*ck out of Dallas. I ain’t going back there.”

Hear “DNt.KnW.Y” from Javon Johnson below. Audiobiography is coming at the end of April.