envy hunter still on it

Envy Hunter returns knowing all the risks of the game with “Still On It”.

Take one glance at Envy Hunter and your mind begins making up scenarios. That he has shoulders that make a football jersey immediately fill out like the shoulder pads are still there. That his face, warm when the moment hits is steadily asking internal questions. All of this can be understood when you watch him perform. When we spotted him Sunday night at Alley Kat as part of HustleGrade’s Submission Sundays Live, the Northside representer hadn’t lost a step. He still told the world he would bet big on the Cowboys, only that Ezekiel Elliott had replaced DeMarco Murray and Emmitt Smith on the money line. He was still at this. “Still On It” rather.

With rocky pianos, claps and woodwind instruments helping guide him, Envy Hunter strips everything down on his latest single. Dark skinned E raps that he was cut from a cloth that was already ripped up, “Hittin’ licks, I was only 17 in the wrong neighborhood, n*ggas almost killed us.” C-Struggs and Mayalino chip in with guest verses, waxing silly drug talk with the stresses of baby mama drama and always keeping up an appearance. Out of state plates from Houston to Dallas to Alabama, all three decided to adjust for a life they wanted. Only thing keeping them steady? Hennessy in a double cup, a pistol and the feeling that they’ll be invincible through everything.

Hear “Still On It” from Envy & company below.