Trakksounds channels Master P on a new The Other Side single, “Bout It” featuring Xavier Wulf & Maxo Kream.

When Day & A Dream interviewed Trakksounds towards the close of March, the Houston-based producer let us know a few things about the tracklist for his upcoming The Other Side LP. One thing in particular that Trakk shared, besides his excitement to use a TLC sample he’d had stashed forever? The fact that he had one track sampling the No Limit Records classic, “Bout It Bout It.”

On Sunday, Trakksounds officially shared the track with the world at large.

Sampling arguably TRU’s most-known – and one of Percy Miller’s most-known – single is no easy task. Couple that with album artwork that pays homage to the No Limit album covers of old (right down to the blinged-out name and the tank), and you better damn well pay proper homage. But it’s safe to say that Trakksounds’ “Bout It,” which features Maxo Kream and Memphis emcee Xavier Wulf, would make Master P proud. It adds to the original’s already rambunctious nature by adding rock elements and enough boom to make even the smallest speakers thump.

Maxo and Xavier find themselves at home over the beat, delivering solid features over the course of “Bout It’s” three-minute length. And just when you thought it was already hard enough as is choosing a favorite early single off The Early Side between “11:15,” “Once Upon A Time,” “Oh Lord,” and “Can’t Explain It,” “Bout It” has arrived to make that decision harder still.

Stream Trakksounds’s “Bout It” single, featuring Maxo Kream and Xavier Wulf, below. Trakk’s upcoming The Other Side album, on which “Bout It” appears, releases on April 25th and can pre-ordered now on iTunes.