Singer-songwriter Tiara Thomas breathes new life into the Case & Foxy Brown classic on her latest EP.

Tiara Thomas doesn’t need a funky beat to be heard.

True, the singer-songwriter – who made herself a household name back in 2013 with Wale’s “Bad” single – can find herself at home over any given instrumental. Thomas’s last solo single, the underappreciated “u up” text in the form of a song called “OTW,” is proof positive of that.

But for Tiara’s first project of 2017, she opted to arm herself mostly with a guitar. The result is Don’t Mention My Name, a five-track effort that bears limited production from Kelson Camp and Earl & E, with the rest of the sounds coming solely from acoustic strings. Just after “I’m Still at the Bar” and just before the outro cut “Suicide Sh*t,” however, listeners and fans may find something that catches their eyes.

Yes, track four on Don’t Mention My Name is called “Touch Me Tease Me,” and that’s not by coincidence: it’s a modern take on Case’s breakout single with Foxy Brown & Mary J. Blige.

Tiara Thomas’s “Touch Me Tease Me” isn’t a “cover,” though. The familiar opening strings are there and will bring out the nostalgia in anyone familiar with the original, but the snare is gone. Thomas’s breathy voice adds emotion to the lustful longing of the song overall, and the guitar strums make it smoother than ever. There’s no rapping on Thomas’s acoustic version – just a girl, her guitar and her needs. It’s not innocent, of course; that much is proven when Thomas confesses, “Touch me, tease me/ Every time reminds me/ I just wanna f*ck some more.” Rather, it’s nearly three-and-a-half minutes of sweet surrender, and the best part of Don’t Mention My Name.

Stream Tiara Thomas’s complete Don’t Mention My Name EP for yourself down below. The EP is out now on iTunes.