mack wilds after hours

Four years after New York: A Love Story, Mack Wilds finally releases his sophomore album.

Turn on any channel on your TV and you’ll probably see Mack Wilds’ face. Right now he’s on Desus & Mero on VICE, promoting his sneaker collection and telling stories about auditioning for certain roles. He’ll then be on VH1 every Monday as DeeVee on The Breaks. Then as the lead-in to Empire, he’ll be on FOX as one of the leads in Shots Fired. Mack Wilds’ is everywhere. Yet there’s one aspect of him a large chunk of fans have forgotten. Mack Wilds is still a Grammy nominated R&B singer who put the vocals to the side for a brief moment.

All of that changes as Wilds’ releases his sophomore album, After Hours. Far more sensual and modern than his ’90s love affair, New York: A Love Story, the 14-track album features Wale, Tink & Houston’s own Cam Wallace. Wilds finds ways to test himself vocally on the album, whether it be the on the spot corner feel of “Couldthisbelove?” to the Ginuwine tinged “Stingy”. Not to mention, he gets as brash and cocky as a modern R&B singer can get with the explicit “Crazy”.

Yet on “Explore”, Wilds expounds on a love that got away. Chasing vulnerability and hearing the words of a lover wanting to see other people and cross off all other options is cutting. The type of thing that would numb someone. “She don’t wanna hurt no more / She said she wanna go explore…” he sings. Not rich in the same buttery nostalgia of his first tape, After Hours shifts Mack Wilds’ growth upward, to the point where now he’ll be in our bedrooms. Even after we cut the TV off. Grab After Hours on iTunes & stream it below.