yared kiflai

The East Bay may have another rising star on its hands with Yared Kiflai

The Bay Area has stars, young men and women who have understood the legacies of E-40 & Mac Dre and decided to build on top of it. Kamaiyah, the fire-starter who had one of 2016’s best releases in A Good Night In The Ghetto has blossomed to a point where she’s telling us about how Puff gets down. Someone else who may not be sitting up at Puff Daddy parties but is eager to see the reach of the world? Yared Kiflai.

At 23, Kiflai can attest to the Bay Area being a signifier of all things laid back and hazy. In fact, the whole world feels slowed down when he raps. “7:30,” his latest track premiered by Earmilk carries LA knock with distinct Yay Area flavor to it. The main thing on his mind? “Possibility, some pussy & some Hennessy.”

“When I made ‘7:30’ I was in a real weird space in life. I had an overall concept for my project but none of the songs I was making at the time fully embodied the emotions I was feeling,” Kiflai told Earmilk. “One morning, I found myself up earlier than usual when a good friend sent me the beat for ‘7:30.’ The hook came to me the first time I listened to the track. Before long I had the groundworks to one of my favorite songs to date and it all came to me in one morning.”

Waking up for a perfect hangover, Kiflai hangs out over the luscious Retro1 and Ian McKee produced track with vivid direction. Taken from his twentysomethings EP, it’s a shot in the arm for the Bay and for a wide-eyed man who may not be 25 yet but has seen more than his peers could ever dream.

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