Houston’s Rap-A-Lot Records will provide the inspiration for a new collection from Supreme Brands arriving later today.

This is D3 the Concrete, bringing you fashion from the street!

I am only partially excited for this collaboration, and let me tell you why.

I will start with the pros: Supreme (@supremenewyork) is FINALLY collaborating with a brand based out of Houston, RAP-A-LOT Records (@RapaLot4Life). As we all know – unless YOU have been under a rock at the bottom of the ocean – Supreme is THE pre-eminent streetwear brand. Started in 1994 on the island of Manhattan by James Jebbia, Supreme has grown from a quaint skater’s hangout, to the mecca of streetwear that aficionados travel from far and wide to enter every Thursday morning. While there is not a way to tell how much a brand like Supreme is worth on the public market, that’s no reason to dismiss the fact that Supreme makes a gargantuan amount of money year-round.


Check it, if you really think about it, Supreme could have reached out to anyone in the H: Z-RO (who was mentioned in The New York Times as one of the most underrated rappers in America), Slim Thug (he was signed to Star Trak with Pharrell), UGK (come on, if you don’t know why, then you are seriously tripping with your whole life), Chamillionaire (Ridin’ Dirty won a Grammy, y’all). Instead, they reached out to Rap-A-Lot. Why, you may ask? Because Rap-A-Lot is iconic. Not only is Rap-A-Lot THE OG underground Southern label, but they also put together one of the quintessential rap groups: The Geto Boys. The Boys will get shine by way of this collaboration, too, as their We Can’t Be Stopped album cover will find itself printed on a few items.


Now, here are the cons. Rap-A-Lot is an infamous label. J Prince has had a stronghold on the music scene and, to a larger extent, the city of Houston for decades. and this is evident. This comes with the territory of having a monopoly in any industry. Just ask the oil barons of the early 20th century, along with the tech barons of Silicon Valley.

Salute to Rap-A-Lot and salute to Supreme for finally making the choice of the South.

The collaboration will be available on Supreme New York’s website tomorrow morning. But if you can’t make it there in time to cop before it sells out on Thursday – because it likely WILL sell out – Houstonians will still have a chance to get something from the Supreme x Rap-A-Lot collection this coming Sunday, April 9th, by way of a pop-up shop at Sole Lounge Houston, 5959 Richmond, Suite 220. You can grab tickets (yeah, I thought that was weird, as well) to get into the pop-up shop by visiting SOLE Lounge’s website here.