Jay-Von is a “Menace II” other emcees on his “Free Smoke (Freestyle).”

One of the main reasons Drake’s recent More Life playlist went over so well with listeners – especially compared to its predecessor Views – was because the playlist was sequenced better. Where Views opened with Aubrey attempting a falsetto on “Keep The Family Close,” More Life came out the gate swinging and featured Drake rapping at a blistering pace on “Free Smoke.”

Jay-Von is no stranger to rapping at a blistering pace himself. Barely a month removed from the release of his F*ck A Title EP, the Mo. City emcee found himself inspired enough by the More Life intro cut to drop his latest freestyle over it.

Where Drake’s “Free Smoke” dismisses rumors and competition, Vonzilla’s “Free Smoke (Freestyle)” feels like a warning. Look no further than how it starts: with an audio bite of Caine’s “never killed nobody before” monologue from Menace II Society. Over the course of three minutes, Jay-Von marries menacing bars – “Blind eye to the bullsh*t/ Ready for war – got a full clip!” – with comical lines (a certain abrupt Donald Trump reference will make listeners laugh out loud), and switching up his flow at moments for added effect.

But Von’s most potent rhyme pops up at the two-minute mark and isn’t even a punchline, exactly. Is Jay-Von’s vow to “wake em up this summer!” alluding to the possible release of his F*ck A Title album? Or is it a hint of yet ANOTHER project on Vonzilla’s 2017 calendar? New tunes for the summer regardless, so watch how you speak on his name, perhaps.

Stream Jay-Von’s “Free Smoke (Freestyle)” for yourself down below.