javon johnson

The return of Javon Johnson is upon us.

Javon Johnson is a marauder. When you think he’s in Dallas, he’s about five hours south in Galveston, kicking his feet up. It’s the closest thing to a decent beach but renovations are making it appear more welcoming. We often speak by Twitter, coded messages dressed around boxing talk and the general malaise the rap circuit can bring. When he tells me that he’s already got two new projects in the can, I only laugh.

Javon Johnson operates like a stream of consciousness rapper who feels boundless. Time doesn’t mean a thing to him. Moving heads and making people understand the calamity in his brain does. “Artistic Therapy” is the latest in a series of releases from the Houston to the world rapper. It serves as the lead track from his upcoming project of the same name. Producer Shambeau strings together a piano heavy production that sounds like a train on its last gasp.

“I make music to con them demons I’m fighting off,” Johnson raps. “We just great with the timing, ignoring the violence, they wild and contradicting themselves.” He then turns his crosshairs to faceless rappers who pose with guns on camera like “action figures”, men so starved for metal that they’ll eventually die out.

Stream “Artistic Therapy” from Javon Johnson below.