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In a reverse “April Fool’s” joke, Rick And Morty‘s long awaited season 3 is here.

Let’s check and see what’s happened since the season 2 finale of Rick And Morty in October 2015. That guy went from candidate to President. The Cubs won the World Series. Cleveland won a professional sports title. We found out Sara Fitzgerald is a bit of a … racist. And we’re still writing about music, pop culture and the occasional wild conspiracy theory! See, some things haven’t changed!

But what Adult Swim did yesterday was pure genius. Fans of Rick And Morty got their biggest wish from series creator Dan Harmon – a brand spanking new episode. The season 3 premiere ran on loop for a few hours on AdultSwim.com and now the channel has managed to run a full-blown Rick And Morty marathon, concluding with the Season 3 premiere! At the moment, we’ve just finished up watching Morty Jr. realize his true calling as a writer. Now we’re watching the multi-verse TV show episode in which Jerry is famous, amongst other things.

“I don’t care about myself Rick,” Morty says. “Let’s watch some crazy stuff yo!” We couldn’t have said it any better Morty. We couldn’t have said it any better.

To start watching the marathon, head here.

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