DJ Mustard marries New Orleans Bounce with West Coast sound on a new single with YG, “Pop It, Shake It.”

Hey, you know what it seems like we haven’t had in a while? A good ass-shaking anthem.

YG and former friend turned foe turned friend again DJ Mustard have noticed the absence of such just like the rest of us. And so, the rapper-producer duo took on a daunting task. What would happen if Mustard’s token West Coast sound, met New Orleans Bounce?

“Pop It, Shake It” would happen.

The single, which YG teased on Twitter with its artwork prior to its release at midnight, is pretty much nothing you’d expect. YG, fresh off dipping into street grit and consciousness on Still Brazy, is having fun the way he did on “Who Do You Love” on “Pop It, Shake It,” a three-and-a-half minute trip in unapologetic ratchetness. On the track, YG proudly admires the most talented dancers in the shake joint, chanting the titular words on the hook in a way that would make Juvenile bear a proud grin full of golds. “Shake somethin’ til you break somethin,'” the Compton rapper insists on the track. Who knew Bompton had bounce?

Take a listen to YG’s “Pop It, Shake It” single, produced by DJ Mustard, down below, and grab it now off iTunes.