sampha process short film

Dedicated to his late mother, Sampha’s Process short film shakes off the grief.

Sampha’s Process was one of the best releases of February. A necessary, consuming trip through love and loss, the album allowed Sampha to not only play narrator to our constantly shifting thoughts on love but also navigate items of reconciliation and grief. “No One Knows” was he at his most melancholy, returning to the days of boyhood when his mother was around. Two years ago, she passed away, leaving a piece of him stranded somewhere in Vertigo.

The Process short film, directed by Khalil Jospeh (Lemonade) takes viewers all through that. In 36 minutes, Sampha drowns himself and the viewer in different pieces of his life. From Freedomtown, Sierra Leone, his birthplace to his current home of London, we get small glimpses of a number of Process singles. “Blood On Me” and so on and so forth. You can watch an excerpt of the film below and watch it in full on Apple Music.

For those in London and Brookyln, the film is being shown in multiple locations on both storefronts and projections, ala Kanye West’s “New Slaves”.

Storefront Locations (March 31-April 14)
Brooklyn: 55 Wythe Avenue, 101 Bedford Avenue, and 106 North 6th Street
London: 58 Great Eastern Street and 10 Dray Walk

Wallscape Projections (March 31, April 1, April 7, and April 14)
Brooklyn: North 7th & Bedford (7:30 p.m.-12:30 a.m.)
London: Shoreditch High Street Station & Brick Lane (7:40 p.m.-12:40 a.m.)

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