marcel p black cry freedom

From Baton Rogue to the country, Marcel P. Black speaks of freedom every single day.

What does it mean to be free? Does it mean to live without bills or creditors down your neck? Does it mean that you’re swaying left and right with your brothers and sisters in spite of it all? Marcel P. Black, the Baton Rouge heavyweight has seen different lenses of freedom. A year ago, it was his hometown dealing with the specter of a national media eye following the police shooting death of Alton Sterling. It was him having to explain what Baton Rouge was to people; less small town Louisiana, more home with its own scars and fractures.

Black is not a revolutionary yet he’s a vocal component of the revolution. “Cry Freedom,” the title track from his critically acclaimed (and slept-on) album gets an official video. Black rocks the colors, stands behind the fence and delivers more than a few menacing scowls aimed at demolishing the new Jim Crow. The whole thing is preluded by Martin Luther King’s final speech, a speech that speaks more of a prophecy towards death than a strong belief that change will come.

The music from Black feels more angered, more passionate and prepared for the fire than say Sam Cooke’s “A Change Gonna Come” was in the 1960s. Yet the feeling remains. Everyone wants change, whether subtle or direct. Black fits in the direct category; coloring in the same lines of Fred Hampton more than Boosie & Max Minelli. But he’s no less Baton Rouge than they are. They’re all pieces of the same red clay, sweltering heat and Louisiana twang. They all speak & fight differently. Marcel P. Black preaches for salvation, by any singular mean.

Watch the “Cry Freedom” video below.

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