Xavier omär afraid cover

Xavier Omär, the former SPZRKT shares his thoughts on finding love with “Afraid”.

Xavier Omär used to use an alias as a type of mask.

The former military kid who traveled all over but ultimately settled on Georgia called himself SPZRKT. It allowed him to shield himself away from notoriety; obscurity as a form of protection.

“I don’t wanna play no more, I can’t defeat this game,” he sings on “Afraid”, his latest single in a partnership with Red Bull Sound Select. The Bizness Boi produced track gives him plenty of room to canvas, to come clean about his own insecurities and fears in regards to letting go.

“The only reason many of us claim to be a savage or have no feelings is because we’re really just scared to get hurt,” Xavier explained to Pigeons & Planes. “So we act and play but we’re never fulfilled because we won’t be honest with ourselves. This song is the beginning of honesty with myself.”

Hear “Afraid” below.