trakksounds oh lord

TrakkSounds’ latest from The Other Side features Doeman, Roosh Williams & GT Garza.

TrakkSounds has been a busy man. His upcoming The Other Side album has started spinning out feeler tracks by the week. Last week, fans got a taste of the “Can’t Explain It” video with Mookie Jones, Scotty ATL & Rizzoo Rizzoo. Earlier today, the Houston Chronicle premiered the latest record from the album.

Titled “Oh Lord,” Trakk manages to enlist two Houston tongue twisters in Roosh Williams & Doeman for a 16-bar elbow drop from the top rope. “We aren’t in it for the quick dollar but more instead of creating something organic that can have replay value,” Trakksounds told the Chronicle. “I also like a lot of styles of music, so you can hear the different influences.”

Stream “Oh Lord” below. The Other Side arrives April 17th.