fat tony mexico

Fat Tony already has roots in Houston. Now he’s setting them down in Mexico City.

Fat Tony has seen about as much as Mexico City this year as established politicians. From MacGregor Park raps to hustling on college campuses in Midtown and beyond, Tony has carved enough space in Houston to be not only a name-brand act but an ambassador for the city. While the rest of the city’s rap inhabitants have been busy attempting to curry favor with a notoriously skeptical base, Tony has shifted his focus South.

As in Mexico, South of the Border, Mexico.

“‘Function’ is a safe space to dance, share ideas and profess their love for the culture.”

Beginning in 2016, Tony along with good buddy iLL-FaDED would venture down to Mexico to throw a little party. Titled “Function,” it was bridging the worlds of hip-hop with Latin America. As one commenter mentioned, “Mexico City is becoming more of a cosmopolitan city.” Tony, as a child of hip-hop can only help extend what he learned growing up in Houston. To be influenced by Mexico City and its rich history from reggaeton on mixed with Tony’s penchant for professing love in all aspects? It’s a perfect match, for all parties.

“Function is all about mixing the culture of Mexico City’s hip-hop scene and hip-hop scenes all over the world, mainly the U.S.,” Tony says. “I just wanna mix up all the cultures and say that ‘Function’ is a safe space to dance, share ideas and profess their love for the culture.” Throughout the mini-documentary, various patrons from Function and Mexico City not only add their spin on slang with Spanish but showcase skate culture, percussion and more.

The more the current administration attempts to deride and chastise Mexico, the more it benefits Tony and his mission to spread the gospel. Function started off like any other routine hip-hop party would in the States. Only difference is, Tony is manning a mission that technically is bigger than him. It’s not just connecting Houston’s hip-hop culture with Mexico City, it’s connecting the culture period.

Watch the Fat Tony Goes to Mexico City mini-doc shot by Miau Miaou Productions below.