nique high rise

Nique shows off all the trophies & the fam for his “High Rise” clip.

When we last left Nique, the Houston rhymer with a 4K quality camera and plenty of spontaneous energy, he was rapping about big guns with a sly grin on his face. “40” arrived last December, a few weeks after Dazed & Confused found him attempting to rap through depression and bleak thoughts. “High Rise” takes his newfound shirt off approach to a new level; less conservative thoughts, more outward freedom.

“Can, can we do this in black & white?” he tells a camera director in the middle of the video. The shot and all of the dynamics are reminiscent of MTV Cribs. Sadly, Nique isn’t twisting wires together ala Reggie Noble for this episode. Instead he’s rocking that fuchsia coat and strolls through the halls of his house as if he’s the triumphant prince of Zamunda. The kids are hanging out, his friends are either upright or slumped sleep. All the while he’s rapping with a confidence and venom that would have him under the jail. Watch the video for “High Rise” below.