The R&B album that set a tone for every one that followed it in 2016, Bee Honey’s D R E A M Y LP is finally getting the live show it deserves.

Hard to believe, but a year has passed since Bee Honey released D R E A M Y. Actually, more like a year and nearly four months, if you want to get specific.

The NUMB3RS Committee-affiliated songbird began 2016 with her second album, a project that employed traditional R&B and elements of soul and jazz to create something fulfilling and satisfying. Off the strength of actual instruments and the power of Bee’s voice, D R E A M Y was liberating in its vulnerability and openness to love. It was the kind of project that deserved a live show.

“Creating music is seriously a life source for me. When I’m down or can’t deal with things that happen in life, I retreat to music to truly express myself without fear of judgment.” – Bee Honey

In 2017, it’s finally going to get one.

On Monday, Bee Honey formally announced “Bee Honey: Live & Unplugged,” an intimate concert performance at which the Cali-to-Houston songbird will perform her D R E A M Y LP in full (and possibly, a song or two from her previous project, Just Be Cool, as well). The night promises to provide “light, love, and power” to attendees.

Bee Honey’s “Live & Unplugged” show goes down Saturday, April 1st, at Chymyistry Bar & Lounge, 1002 Almeda-Genoa Rd, 77047. Doors open at 8:30 PM, and tickets at the door are $12; though pre-sales for the affair are available now and can be purchased here.