tim woods

Tim Woods’ is reflective with his head in the clouds for the Pushing Daises video.

Tim Woods knows color. He may have been diagnosed with Synesthesia as a kid or at least professed such a feeling to director Bird Medina. With much of his Pushing Daisies EP operating as a point of reflection, “Fuego” may find the most bounce to it. Woods can recall when money was short, actually both he and Rizzoo Rizzoo can. The TSF member consistently offers up pieces of honesty on “Fuego,” admitting that he can’t go back to his old ways. New money, newer outlooks have made him look beyond kick door robberies and scrapes with faceless adversaries. With Woods, it all comes back to handing with his feet unable to touch the ground.

“Fuego” is ultimately a crew love video. Woods opens the frame laid on his back atop a red car, starring into the clouds. From there he’s all over the place. His long braids, thin yet packed together like apartment residents sway all over the place. “Cut off my mama lights, some nights we were hot,” he sings on the chorus. Life is a hell of a lot different now.

Watch the “Fuego” video below. Woods’ Pushing Daises is available now.

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