canaada legal marijuana

According to a source, weed could be legal by Canada Day 2018.

Our brothers to the North are making a rather bold change.

According to CTV as well as CBC, the federal government in Canada will introduce legislation on April 20 to legalize marijuana. Their intent is to make the legislation law by July 1, 2018 – Canada Day.

Medical marijuana is currently sold legally only through the mail to those with prescriptions. A detailed report led by former justice minister Anne McLellan helped get the ball rolling to potential legislature.

There will be strict rules to the legalization however according to the Liberal party and former Toronto police chief Bill Blair. You must a legal age of 18 to purchase marijuana. There will be a four-plant limit for Canadians who want to grow marijuana. There’s a public possession limit of up to 30 grams. There will also be strict advertising rules.

The government, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Liberal MP Bill Blair, the former Toronto police chief who is the government’s lead official on the controversial file, have emphasized that buying pot continues to be illegal until the legislation comes into force.

Blair told CTV’s Power Play last December that decriminalization ahead of full legalization would only help organized crime.

“Decriminalization doesn’t achieve any of the public purpose aims of reducing the social or health harms of marijuana use,” the Scarborough-Southwest Liberal MP said. “It makes it easier for kids to access. It facilitates the criminal market.”

The task force which conducted the study is looking to ease potential sales at establishments where alcohol is sold. According to them, they will leave regulations in regards to distribution to the provinces.