deadpool 2 logan banana dragon

What would happen if Deadpool visited Logan’s grave? We have our answer, sort of.

If you’ve seen Logan already then these aren’t spoilers coming up ahead. If you haven’t seen Logan then … that’s on you! Now, back to the side of the crowd that has seen Logan. You know there wasn’t a post credits scene in the film because it was somber as hell. People legit cried over the film and it probably ranks very high on the all-time Marvel comic movie list. Well, Detroit based producer Banana-Dragon Productions thought otherwise.

Their team managed to craft not only a hilarious post-credits scene to the film, it was premiered exclusively via JoBlo. Here, our red clad hero shows up to Logan’s gravesite to pay final respects … and tease his way to a possible sequel for ALL THE MONEY.

Watch it below. Deadpool 2 is coming soon … not soon enough.