Mo. City emcee Dustin-Prestige’s DoPe. LP provides music meant to soundtrack moments of indulgence.

If you can’t associate Dustin-Prestige with consistency – or the dash in his name (“that’s Dustin-dash-Prestige, respect my motherfuckin’ dash,” as he’d say on last week’s edition of Kelsey McDaniels’s “The Tuesday Special” radio show) – then at least you can associate the Mo. City-hailing rapper with persistence.

His latest LP, DoPe., released last week, has technically been two-and-a-half years in the making. Don’t believe us? Its very intro track, “Dopecoming,” touched down on this site in October 2014. With the ensuing release of “Perfecto” last Sunday and Prestige’s appearance on The Tuesday Special, however, it became clear that DoPe. really would finally see the light of day.

Eleven tracks in length and featuring production from Chris Rockaway, DoPe. is a cinematic audio experience. That’s apparent from the television-disclaimer like intro tacked on to the start of “Dopecoming,” warning listeners of “strong language” and that “viewer discretion is advised.” “Got It 4 Cheap,” for example, damn near sounds lifted from an episode of Miami Vice, a summery groove on which Prestige sings and proclaims “I have no shame – ain’t a thing I do in vain.”

“That’s Dustin-dash-Prestige, respect my motherfuckin’ dash.”

DoPe. functions mostly on feelings. There are moments when Dustin-Prestige is on a self-assured high, when his confidence sets a tone and wave that he rides with his chest out (“Best.Night.Everrr” literally begins with the emcee insisting he’s “an ice cold nigga, with a one-shot trigger”).

There are other moments when Dustin-Prestige shares his vices, in the form of women (“All Apologies”); alcohol (“Shameless,” on which peer pressure prevails and Prestige is the devil on one’s shoulder urging listeners to “drink, motherfucker, drink,” while feature DeLorean demolishes his two verses on the track and gives in himself by saying “All I really wanted was some bottles and some b*tches”); or drugs. Hell, Prestige even combines the latter two on the smooth “ILUVDRUGS.” Even Doughbeezy, the South East Beast currently in self-imposed dormancy, picks up where he left off on “I’m From Texas” and joins Dustin-Prestige to represent the H on “No Limits.”

Though instrumentally it may sound like summer weather throughout, DoPe digs deep into Dustin-Prestige’s psyche. Prestige doesn’t necessarily feel guilty about his indulgences, but he’ll damn sure give you a soundtrack to make both himself and you feel better about them. DoPe. is triumphant if only because Dustin lived long enough to share it; and the music itself, was more than worth the wait.

Stream Dustin-Prestige’s DoPe. album for yourself down below.