crunk bracket

“Mo City Don”? “Knuck If You Buck”? “Slob On My Knob”? You decide the “Crunk Bracket” winner.

After a week long battle, we’ve come down to our three finalists in the Day & A Dream #CrunkBracket. Our bracket started off with 40 participants in five separate regions with surprising upsets (David Banner’s “Like A Pimp” def. Big Tuck’s “Tussle” in Round 1, “Tear Da Club Up ’97” losing to “Slob On My Knob” in the Memphis Regional Final) and outright domination (“Knuck If You Buck” steamrolling to the Finals). In case you need a refresher (or a playlist to get you through your day) see our Crunk Bracket Playlist on Apple Music & Spotify.

Let’s take a look at our three finalists who will duke it out for #CrunkBracket supremacy and the title (according to the fans) of Greatest Crunk Song of All-Time.


FLA / GA Regional
Def. (8) YoungBloodz, “Presidential” (96% to 4%)
Def. (5) Trick Daddy, “Shut Up” (94% to 6%)
Def. (6) Trillville, “Neva Eva” (91% to 9%)

“Regional 4”
Def. Lil Jon, “Bia Bia” (83% to 17%)

The overwhelming favorite to take the title home, Crime Mob’s “Knuck If You Buck” was given to us by an vengeful God in 2004. Lil’ Jay’s opening refrain that flat out declares who he is in five seconds or less sets the early tone. Then Princess’s verse kicks in, which gets all of the women amplified and ready to throw hands as well. It has stood the test of time from college parties to clubs to Trap Karaoke and more. It’s scared and will immediately get cut on if anybody dare plays “Juju On The Beat”.


TX / LA Regional
Def. (7) Lil’ O, “Back Back” (71% to 29%)
Def. (3) C-Murder feat. Magic & Snoop Dogg, “Down 4 My Niggaz” (51% to 49%)
Def. (1) Foxx, Boosie Badazz & Webbie, “Wipe Me Down” (58% to 42%)

“Regional 4”
Def. BoneCrusher, “Neva Scared” (58% to 42%)

Texas wouldn’t let Z-Ro down. After coasting to an initial win over Lil’ O in Round 1, the King of the Ghetto dealt with the stiffest battle of the entire tournament with C-Murder’s “Down 4 My Niggaz”. Voting was split an even 50/50 before Z-Ro pulled it out in OT. Then in the TX/LA Regional final, Ro pulled off the shocking upset by batting away Foxx’s testimonial of a party anthem with “Wipe Me Down”. The greatest freestyle in Texas rap history lives on to fight one more day.


Memphis Regional
Def. (3) 8Ball & MJG, “You Don’t Wanna” (81% to 19%)
Def. (1) Three 6 Mafia, “Tear Da Club Up” (58% to 42%)
Def. (2) Three 6 Mafia feat. Young Buck & 8Ball & MJG, “Stay Fly” (57% to 43%)

Our bracket “Cinderella” is a song about oral pleasure. Everyone who caught a glimpse of the Memphis bracket thought it would be “Tear Da Club Up” winning easily. But once Tear Da Club Up Thugs essentially ate itself in the second round, all bets were off. Once the Thugs knocked off “Stay Fly” in the Memphis Regional final, they earned themselves a bye to the overall finale.

So who wins our Crunk Bracket? Does Z-Ro or Tear Da Club Up Thugs pull off the upset of all upsets? Or does Crime Mob manage to snatch the crown with brute force and shaking invisible dreads? You can vote on Twitter here. Polls close at 11:59 CST tonight.