justice league trailer

DC’s first attempt at uniting all of their big players comes with the first ‘Justice League’ trailer.

Justice League, the Warner Bros./DC Comics adaptation of arguably the greatest team of superheroes Earth can assemble finally has a trailer. Well, technically. Remember, last year at Comic-Con, fans were treated to a sizzle real of both Justice League and Wonder Woman. This go around, we get even more into the story as our heroes go off to do battle Lord of the Rings style against Parademons.

I mean, yes, Batman & Wonder Woman are still attempting to recruit Aquaman, Cyborg & The Flash to the crew but there’s little things splattered all throughout this trailer. For instance, we see Barry Allen visiting his dad in prison, similar to what the CW version of The Flash has shown us. Aquaman decides to hop on the back of the Batmobile before he harpoons somebody to death. Cyborg actually looks great for 92% CGI. Even Batman, a curmudgeon at this point is showing the world his one real superpower: he’s rich. And we can already forsee a rather tragic death for Victor Stone’s dad as somebody left a Mother Box in the kitchen. Gotta avoid those.

justice league

But hey, DC has wooed fans before. Remember how amped we were for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice? Or Suicide Squad Academy-Award winner Suicide Squad? DC knows exactly how to feed their fans in two-minute clips. It has yet to be fully seen whether or not they can do it for more than two hours. At least they know a good trailer needs a solid soundtrack so all thanks to the Beatles’ “Come Together” and the White Stripes for helping that.

Watch the Justice League trailer and mull it over yourself below. The film hits theaters in November.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.