scotty atl can't explain it

The Other Side track features Scotty ATL, Rizzoo Rizzoo & Oran Juice Jones II.

TrakkSounds’ The Other Side album is shaping up rather nicely. Following the release of singles “Once Upon A Time” and “11:15”, he reveals the video for “Can’t Explain It” with Scotty ATL, Rizzoo Rizzoo & Oran Juice Jones II (aka Mookie Jones). It’s arguably the first video with Rizzoo Rizzoo’s name attached where his mere presence is reduced just to his voice. The same goes for Mookie as Scotty ATL takes everything in center frame, jubilant and ready over the triumphant beat.

“These guys definitely have that crazy infectious energy that I wanted to blend together,” TrakkSounds said. “Scotty nailed it with the verses, Oran added the perfect crispy hook and Rizzoo’s adlibs brought it all together.”

TrakkSounds’ The Other Side arrives later this Spring.

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