goldlink at what cost

On album number two, GoldLink is sticking to his guns with At What Cost.

GoldLink’s debut album, And After That We Didn’t Talk felt like a vibrant, living piece of D.C. Not just the spastic nature of records like “Dark Skin Women”, the Missy Elliott samples or its singular gaze in regards to having fun and sex. But that it all came together in a form of cohesion. Naturally, people have taken note of what GoldLink has done and managed to make imitations, all when the genuine thing is still around. On his second album, GoldLink manages to take what worked so well the first go round and make a movie.

At What Cost features club let outs turned bad (“Mediation” with KAYTRANADA & Jazmine Sullivan); stunting (“Crew” with Brent Faiyaz & Shy Glizzy); and tributes to D.C.’s legendary go-go scene. Still, his favorite piece of subject matter is women all the way from initial interaction to sad, bitter departure. A lot of the DMV shows up on At What Cost from Wale, to Mya to the aforementioned Glizzy. Because it’s up to them to correctly tell the story over the album’s 14 tracks.

You can stream At What Cost via Apple Music & Spotify now. Purchase the album on iTunes.

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