tony dark 2:40 type shit

Tony Dark, the long beard beat maven of Houston returns with some pure Bolivian cane on wax.

Tony Dark is the kind of producer whose time spent in the battle circuit and creating with Dutch Richmond make him underrated in the greatest of senses. His selections are aimed to either make you move, nod your head something vicious or make a continuous scrunch face. In a way, you could align him along the same path of The Alchemist, capable of creating laid back, smokey jazz while also knocking your head off with drum arrangements.

“2:40 Type Shit” is a cypher made beat from Dark. From a trill that sounds reminiscent of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood to the looping break beat, it’s a pass the mic record if anything. Sundown of Actual Proof & Brice Blanco trade punches, each satisfied with their own offerings. Sundown tricks off a nifty punchline about the Boston Celtics & Kevin McHale in the post. Brice counters with an ’80s NBA reference regarding Larry Bird and guarding Magic Johnson. “Guess the patios on that Urban Yoda / Imagine the fuckin’ alias drinkin’ dirty soda,” Blanco concludes. Ball is life, I suppose.

Stream “2:40 Shit” below. Dark’s upcoming The Tony Dark Experience is coming soon with featured guests including Doeman, Bobby Earth, C.I.T.Y. Chronicles, Alex Harris & a few surprises.