paul wall court

All charges are dismissed from a 2016 arrest.

A Harris County Grand Jury has decided not to indict Paul Wall & Baby Bash on charges related to their December 2016 arrest. The two were initially charged along with 10 others with organized criminal activity & and possession of THC with intent to deliver, both felonies.

Wall & Baby Bash were cleared, along with five other individuals. Five others arrested at the Smoke Shop however were indicted on charges related to the 2016 incident.

Police arrested Wall (real name Paul Slayton) & Bash (real name Ronald Bryant) on December 22 at Paradise Smoke Shop on Yale. In an earlier hearing in December, prosecutors said that undercover officers paid $10 to enter the smoke shop for a party before promptly arrested many inside. According to court documents presented, both Wall & Baby Bash were accused of possession between four and 400 grams of THC.

Wall took to Twitter following the news to give thanks.

A “no bill” means that the jury did not find sufficient enough evidence for the charges to continue through a trial.

Photo: Houston Chronicle