rae sremmurd fader fort

The best of FADER Fort Days 1 & 2 including Rae Sremmurd, Lil Yachty, Little Simz & more.

Contrary to the mess and stress of SXSW lines, there’s actually a marvelous, line-free* event happening just on the east side of 35. This “*” indicates that if you get there when the event starts around 1 PM you can walk right in, even on the busiest day.

Every year you can always, and I mean ALWAYS, count on Fader Fort being the best event to hang out at all day long whether you know the acts on the line-up or not. Surely, if you have a subscription to Fader or follow them online, you’d recognize most of the names on the bill as these performers coincide with who they feature in the issues prior to SXSW. This year’s performers included Young M.A, Khalid, Smino, Cardi B, a surprise Ransom 2 party hosted by MikeWillMadeIt, a surprise performance by Ma$e, and much more. To say that these happenings aren’t even the half of it, this statement alone should give you an idea of what Fader Fort is like.

In the past years, Fader has been located near the corner of 5th & Waller on the east side of 35 taking place on a massive empty lot of land. All you had to do was RSVP, go pick up a band for the week, and voila, you’re in. Last year, however, they changed things up a bit with the RSVPs by actually taking the RSVP link away, and sending out personal invites to those on Fader’s emailing list in hopes to control the amount of people trying to attend. There have been craaazzzy lines to get into Fader in the past, but this year they did a significantly better job at keeping lines slim to none by doing two things:

1.) There only way to RSVP was through your personal invite sent to your email. You were able to plus one a friend if you wanted.

2.) The venue was much smaller, probably 1/3 of the size of the original venue, if not smaller. Fun size!

That’s really all it took. The way everything was set up, the venue could easily hold a good amount of people but still be spacious. If you weren’t near front row to the stage, that was okay. Even when the venue hit capacity, sure, a line would form, and for obvious reasons. But hey, simply get there on time when they event starts, spend the day there because it’s totally worth it, and you’ll have the best 4 days of SXSW ever. There’s free alcohol inside so don’t even worry about paying for drinks. There’s also cute activities, like photos with your best friends, making customized pins and travel bags sponsored by Toyota, and let’s not forget seeing your favorite artists in such an intimate setting that even in the very back you have a clear view. And even if you don’t know the line-up, you’re gaurnateed to discover some new artists that perform their asses off. The wonderful hard-working people of Fader hand out gifts as well, this year being special black and white Fader hats. It’s literally impossible to not have fun at Fader Fort. If you want to avoid SXSW lines and still see all your favorites and then some in one place, just leave it to Fader. Sign up for the email list and hope to get the email next year!

Since you can’t fit all the amazing things about FADER into one single post, we decided to split this up into doses. So many surprises took places and it’s hard to compress all of that. First thing we’ll mention is that on Day 1, A$AP Rocky and showed up as a special guest.

Day 2, we got a DJ set of Jxmmi of Rae Sremmurd, which turned into the whole Sremm life crew taking over the stage & premiering new Rae Sremmurd songs to be featured on Mike Will Made It’s Ransom 2. Closing out Fader on Day 2, Cardi B ended up showing up to finish out Jxmmi’s DJ set with him. Little Simz also took the trophy for craziest set of the day jumping into the crowd to mosh with fans. Check out some of the best photos from Day 1 and 2 of Fader Fort below.