d-r-a-m fader fort 2017

With D.R.A.M, Khalid & Smino on the bill, day three of FADER Fort was happiness.

As if Day 1 and 2 weren’t perfect enough, Day 3 of the FADER Fort kept the festivities going strong, bringing in even more fun with performances by Khalid, Smino, Tommy Genesis, and DRAM.

Khalid, who won Woodie to Watch only the night before at the MTV Woodie Awards, included an acoustic part in his set that had him sounding like an angel. Smino, the upcoming St. Louis rapper who just released his debut album blwswn was easily the most interesting set of the day. Reason being that Smino has his very own unique sound. There’s nobody else that sounds like him and his producer, Monte Booker. It’s expected to hear all sorts of different genres and what not at Fader, but Smino is literally something like you’ve never heard before.

Capturing Tommy Genesis’ wild yet angelic performance is certainly worth mentioning as this girl is a total freak in her lyrics (not to be taken in a bad way at all), and quite mesmerizing as a performer. Set to close out the night was D.R.A.M., the soulful and smiley artist that we all love. He performed the sexiest version of Broccoli to start the song off, and then everything became a party. Per usual, though. Any D.R.A.M. performance can be expected to be pretty crazy. Check out scenes below from Day 3 of Fader Fort!